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In Guwahati, villagers trapped a Leopard and killed

What’s going ? As people are saying that this year 2020 is ominous, is it true? So Many untoward incidents are happening each and every day.We are loosing our sense day by day.
Don’t know why human beings are becoming so inhuman. Why they started to kill the animals?  We everyone should know, we are living in an Eco-system where every creature has an important role. If we start to kill the animals, one day this Eco-system will break down and we will responsible for that.
We have to look after each and every creature in this universe. We, the human being are the best creature, created by the almighty God. Animals are ferocious, that’s their nature. We can’t kill them by trapping or by giving food filled with explosive.  
News of inhuman activity against animal comes in highlight in Assam State.  
Brutal! After Kerala, this time Guwahati in Assam. After blasting the pregnant elephant with pineapple in Kerala, now the villagers of Assam trapped and beat the leopard. Not only was he beaten to death, but the body of the leopard was torn to pieces in anger. The incident caused a stir in the area. 
The death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala has caused a stir in the country. The countrymen were shocked to see the atrocities. A week before that incident, another atrocity came to light. Residents of a village in Guwahati beat a leopard and cut its body into pieces. The local administration got the news of this incident on Sunday (07/06/2020) morning. However, in the Guwahati Phatasil Reserve Forest Hilakas area a local villager illegally trapped to catch the leopard. When the leopard fell into that trap, the locals beat him to death. However, the locals then cut the dead tiger into pieces to create an example of brutality. Police have already arrested six people in connection with the incident. The body of the leopard was recovered and sent for autopsy.
According to the Assam Forest Department, this is the fifth leopard death in the state. Earlier, four leopards were killed at Golaghat and Jorhat in northern Assam. In Golaghat district alone, three leopards were killed by villagers, and five others rescued during the lock down period in April. Another leopard was shot dead by Assam Police personnel in the outskirts of Jorhat district on April 6, 2020. 
They villagers claimed that due to the Leopard, it was very difficult for them to keep their livestock and poultry. Every day they were spending in panic. It is known that after killing the leopard, its body was cut into pieces in anger and its skin was removed. The leopard's teeth and nails were uprooted. The whole Indian is stunned by the incident.
The perpetrators should be severely punished so that no one in the future dares to do this kind of thing. It’s our responsibly, how we will protect this universe. As I said earlier that every creature has an important role to operate this Eco-system. So, requesting all of you not to be a inhuman human being.
That’s it. I hope this brutal thing will stop a day. Let’s  hope for the best.
Save animal, save the universe.


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