Facebook, Google and WhatsApp partially comply with India's new digital rules



    The important social media of the country has started to fully or partially comply with the new digital rules of the Government of India. This includes companies like Facebook, Google and WhatsApp. Indian companies like Share Chat and Ku are also on the list. But another tech giant, Twitter, is still silent on the new rules.

    The centre's new digital surveillance rules have been introduced since last Wednesday. Companies like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube will be obliged to inform the source center of all writings and videos published in the net. According to the rules, the concerned media outlets have to appoint a 'Complaints Officer'. He will be responsible for checking if there is any offensive content on the site and removing it if necessary. The guidelines also state that the officer must be a citizen of India. In addition, the companies concerned will be obliged to disclose the source of the text, pictures and videos published on the net.

    On the other hand, WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against the Indian government on May 25, objecting to one of the new digital rules. In an application to the Delhi High Court, WhatsApp argued that the directive would break their end-to-end encryption and that the company would have to identify each user's post, in violation of the Supreme Court's 2013 right to privacy. Apart from this, the new rules also say that nodal contact persons and grievance officers must also be Indian.

    It is learned that ‘Ku’ has recruited Indian nationals for all these posts. It is believed that other companies have done the same. Each agency has provided the information sought by the Center under the new rules. Twitter has hired a lawyer working for an Indian law firm as a nodal contact person and grievance redressal service officer. However, this appointment may not be recognized. That is why the recruits must be employees of the company and citizens of India. In addition, Twitter has not yet informed the Center about the appointment of a 'Complaints Officer'.


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