Utkal volunteers next to the victims of Super Cyclone Yaash


    The burning problem is cyclone Yaash, which has destroyed many people's homes, leaving many without soil. Crops have been damaged. The condition of the coastal area is very bad. Village after village has been flooded. Innumerable people have lost their belongings. All around just the cry of losing. In such a situation, people have taken shelter in schools as per the instructions of the public administration. Some dry food is being distributed there by the administration. But in some places children are not able to eat that dry food.

Serving Food

  Although the impact of the storm is not very much in the districts of Jungle Mahal, like Bankura nad Purulia, people here were very worried. Many took shelter  in different school houses. As a result, there is a food crisis. In this situation, a voluntary organization called Utkal Volunteers has come forward. 


Yaas_CycloneToday they distributed some Dry Food and Mask to the sheltered people at various places like Dubrajpur Uttarayan Vidyayatan, Fulkushma Sri Durga High School, Brahmandiha High School, Chiltore Primary School, Asanbani Primary School and Sonardanga Primary School. Somnath Patra, Biplob Kumar Pati, Soumen Pati, Debashis Kar, Sourav Mahanti, Santu Panda, Prashant Panda, Chandi Charan Mahanti, Samir Patra, Somnath Pati, Sanjay Patra, Amiya Mishra, Kartik were present on behalf of Utkal Volunteers. Subhdeep Singh Mohapatra, Chinmoy Mishra, Sumant Kumar Patra, Amit Pathak, Subhadip Pathak, Shubhashish Pathak, Navakumar Pathak, Sourav Pathak and Sujoy Pathak.

At relief Camp


And Soumen Pati and Debashis Layek Mahasaya on behalf of the administration also helped a lot.

Serving Dry Food

    Fearing a storm this morning, a man named Santosh Lohar took shelter with other residents at Tapubaid Primary School in Simlapal Block. Shortly after taking shelter, he died of a heart attack. Age 65+ A permanent resident of village-Tapubaid, Region-Machatora, Shimlapal block. Meaning he was a very weak person socially and physically. He was very weak and was Anxious about the frightening environment and broken condition of the house is the main reason for this tragic outcome. After the incident, when a member of Utkal Volunteers Shri Shubhjit Satpati informed the  administration, BMHO, Police officials, and Block officers came to the place and assured to stay by the side of the family socially and financially.

    On the other side, Amiya Mishra and some other youths went to the relief camp in Chiltore area of ​​Sarenga block extended a helping hand to the people there and gave them Dry Food and Mask, as the Pandemic Covid-19 not over yet.

Serving the people

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