Family Man Season-3, What will be the context? is this about Covid-19


    The second season of the newly released web series 'The Family Man' has already been watched by many viewers.  The last episode of this season has an indication of the current situation.  In other words, there is talk of a world plagued by corona virus.  Where the second season has ended, the producers have hinted at making the third season.  But what will be the subject of the third season?  This time the two directors Raj and DK opened their mouths about it.


    In the backdrop of the last episode was the Corona context.  Indications of a conspiracy in a northeastern state.  Raj said the scene was later shot separately.  They want to see that part as a teaser of the third season.  The third season will definitely have Corona context.  However, what the plot will be is still under discussion.

    In the words of Raj, "There are so many clues as to where we can go, and where we can't go, in that scene, which I shot differently later. I'm sure it will be in the context of Covid next season. But sit down and discuss how long it will be, or how it will be."  Then you have to write. "

    Raj further said that while discussing the second season, there was a wide-ranging discussion on what could happen in the future.  In fact, the series will be a reflection of what people all over the world are busy with.  But he did not want to say more now.

    In a recent interview on the start of the third season, Manoj Vajpayee, the lead actor of the series, said, "Everyone is under house arrest now. Let's go up the lock down first. Let all opportunities be created. I'm sure the third season will be made. Now the writers are captive. But the story or screenplay is theirs."  It's in my head. If all goes well, the third season will take one to one-and-a-half years to complete. "


    The first season of the series was shot in Mumbai, Delhi, Kashmir.  The second season is shooting in different parts of Chennai, London, Mumbai and Delhi.  In the third season, viewers will probably see some parts of Northeast India.  Before starting work on the third season of 'The Family Man', director duo Raj and DK will probably create another web series.  They will work with Shahid Kapoor there.  When the work of that web series is over, they will start working on 'The Family Man' again.

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