How to increase Memory Power Naturally?

Human Memory

Memory may be a great human resource. Without this energy man is adequate to inert matter. The tendency to lose memory is more with age. at the present , it's also affecting the young. Some people say, 'I don't remember anything despite reading so much', while others say, 'I have less intelligence so I didn't get good results'. the rationale is low memory.

We always try hard to unravel this problem. even as it's normal for amnesia to occur in adulthood , it's also uncommon to experience it at a young age. Now the question is, what's the thanks to get obviate it? Yes, there are some ways . But check out the results of research project , which can help increase your memory.


Keep the mental stress low by reading books, hear music or do what you like to increase memory power-

The main explanation for amnesia is mental stress. the maximum amount because it destroys temporary memory, an excessive amount of stress destroys LTM . Read books, hear music or do something you wish to stay your mind faraway from it. If you are feeling an excessive amount of stress before getting to bed, calm down, close your eyes and take a deep breath. during this way, the blood flow to the brain stays normal and keeps the brain active.


Increase memory power Food-  (Take a healthy diet)

Eating the proper foods is important to extend the performance of the brain. Because, only 20 percent of the sugar and energy we eat throughout the day enters our brain. the right circulation of the brain depends on the extent of glucose. When this level is deficient, various problems occur. So regular and healthy food is extremely necessary to extend the efficiency of the brain. for instance , bananas are rich in magnesium and B-complex vitamin , which help within the transmission of nerve impulses and keep the brain cool. Fish heads and oil - because the saying goes, fish and fish heads are the food of the brain, that's right. Because, animal oil builds brain cells and reduces inflammation within the brain and protects the brain. additionally , animal oil contains omega-3, which is sweet for the brain. Liver - Meat liver contains iron and B-complex vitamin , which are good for the brain. Also, various vegetables, spinach, various fruits, marine fish, nuts, oil seeds, beans etc. are beneficial for the brain.


Increase memory Power by Yoga and exercise- 


Increase memory power by concentration 

Meditation is differently to extend memory. As a result, our thoughts and stress are greatly reduced. And, doing this meditation increases concentration on any task and increases the efficiency of the brain. As a result, there's no problem in remembering or remembering anything. Meditate regularly for a minimum of quarter-hour a day before awakening within the morning and getting to bed in the dark . Close your eyes and check out to calm your mind with an extended breath. you'll reap the advantages within every week .

Exercise to increase memory power and  concentration-

As we all know, the hippocampus within the brain works to retain the memory of the brain. consistent with scientists, exercise reveals the memory of the brain along side the body and new cells are born within the brain. Exercise helps the hippocampus to become aroused and swollen and helps to retain memories. Again, regular cardiovascular exercise provides oxygen and glucose to the brain, which helps to extend efficiency. If you would like to enhance your memory, exercise regularly within the morning or evening.


Increase memory power by reading books and learning-

Learn something new Get out of the rigid worldly life and check out to try to to or learn something new. Challenge the brain by doing new things. during this way the facility of the brain will increase. for instance , learn to draw, attempt to sing, play an instrument or learn a far off language. it'll increase memory.


Increase memory power by playing memory Games-

Play brain games at leisure. Play brain games rather than smart games on smart phones. albeit it doesn't feel good, it helps to extend memory. Play chess to take care of brain performance. Solve crosswords on paper or mobile. consistent with a study, such games protect against brain disorder 'dementia'.


Need sufficient amount of sleep to increase memory Power-

Adequate amounts of sleep are highly effective in enhancing memory. attend bed early nightly and awaken early within the morning. Because, sleep helps maintain brain activity and stability. attempt to sleep between 9pm and 10pm. Sleep for 8 hours consistent with the principles .


1) Do any calculation without calculator.

2) Train the brain in several ways.

3) Engage yourself in socializing.

4) Find an area to relax with family or alone within the middle of labor .



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