One Plus 8 series launched new update- Know whats new



Phone maker OnePlus is about to add a new update to their OnePlus 8-Series.  The company will offer new updates to the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones in the series.  India, on the other hand, has already started the process of adding a new update to the OnePlus 8T, another model in the series.  OxygenOS and OxygenOS updates are being added to the OnePlus 8T model.

 Indian users will get the benefit of the first update of the company's series OnePlus 8 model.  This update will then be given in Europe and North America.  As well as the OxygenOS update on the OnePlus 8T model, North America will be on the list first, but it will be rolled out later in India and Europe.  The hope is that the updates may be rolled out periodically.

 OnePlus itself mentioned the new update.  The organization mentioned this in a community forum on June 9.  As well as being informed by the company, even if each model is given a different update, the phones will get the same improvement.


 The phone maker OnePlus is adding the OxygenOS update to their OnePlus 8 series.  This update is being added as a reason to improve the camera shutter.  The new update fixes the shutter button failure when taking pictures in the 48-megapixel format.  The company is also offering for the firmware version of OnePlus 8 and for the firmware version of OnePlus 8 Pro.

 The three models in the series are being updated as 2021 Android security patches.  However, nothing has been said about the extent to which these updates could be measured.  Although users will be able to update with a good WiFi connection and charge.

 A few days ago, the company announced to add another update to their other series.  The company is about to add an update to the OnePlus 9R.  Adding a new update to OxygenOS.  More than once before, the company added updates to improve their smartphones.  The OxygenOS update was released in India in May to improve the camera, gallery and system of smartphones.  OxygenOS is the latest update for OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones.

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